This compact studio for musicians impresses with its combination of intuitive handling and powerful features – perfect for every band member and the ideal partner for successful solo projects: recordings, mixing, CD mastering – all in one. 

Samplitude Music Studio 15 is the top-grade solution for professional music production on your PC – ideal for guitarists, keyboardists, band members, singers, soloists, and multimedia creatives. 
MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio
* Easy to use 
* Direct multitrack recording 
* First-class virtual instruments 
* High-quality studio effects 
* Professional mixing console 
* Synchronous audio & MIDI editing 
* Mastering suite for the perfect sound 
* Retroactive pitch correction 
* Burn CDs in music publishing-standard quality 
* Supports VST, ASIO, ReWire, DirectX 
* NEW! Multitrack recorder (MR-64) 

NEW! Perfect multitrack recordings 
The integrated multitrack recorder (MR-64) combines the trusted handling of a multitrack recorder with all of the advantages of a PC system. Discover the advantages: 

1. Giant selection of effects: Simply select high-quality effects with a click and add them as desired to any channel. 
2. Convenient functions: Load, save, export projects as MP3 without any problems – no more annoying menus! 
3. Seamless integration: All recordings are automatically transferred to arranger projects for detailed post-production editing. 

The clearly laid-out mixing console gives you great control over your song projects. A highly developed EQ section offers you the ability to optimally maneuver between every track and integrate every instrument into the mix. 
It's never been easier to create the perfect mix. 

* 4 AUX paths per track 
* 4 effects slots for VST and DirectX effects per track 
* Up to 8 plug-ins in the master track 

CD mastering 
The integrated MAGIX Mastering Suite is perfect for users who need a brilliant and pumping sound: 
The equalizer adds the final polish to your master track. The high-performance stereo FX module expands the width of the stereo picture. MultiMax, the multiband compressor/limiter shows immediate results, producing inimitable, warm sound picture. 
And if it has to go quickly, simply select one of many studio templates – perfect sound at the click of a button. 
One click is enough to burn it all onto CD in recording industry-standard formats! 

Guitarists in particular get their money's worth from Samplitude Music Studio 15! 
Clean Electric Guitar is extremely convincing with classic, pure sound, and together with distortion effects, it works especially well for modern pop and rock productions. 
Additionally, there are new Power Chords: You simply have to try the highly authentic distortion guitars – there's no room for compromises! 
Keyboardists, sound experimenters, and soundtrack producers will be very excited by the new soundtrack percussion set: assertive percussion sounds like barrels, ambos hits, etc. are just the start!

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2

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