eJay DJ Mixstation

DJ eJay MixStation 3 is the latest DJ program, being very useful for any professional to have all they need to hand. It includes an equalizer, sound effects, a tone to mix MP3, WMA and CD, plus controls for Play and Stop, and controls for tapedeck power. The program Ejay DJ Mixstation recognizes the music style you are mixing (Tecno, House, HipHop, etc) and does the mix automatically between the current song and the next one in the queue, which you can listen to on headphones. All with a dynamic viewer to see the beats, rhythm, peaks and troughs of the themes, and also offers you karaoke effects, and entry and exit for microphone and TV

eJay DJ Mixstation 2


Features : 
NEW! 2 independent DJ decks with EQ, effects and pitch to remix MP3s, WMAs or audio CDs 
DJ Mixstation3 - Recognises the style of music you are mixing (Techno, House, Hip Hop etc.)and automatically beatmixes the cueing track to the track playing. 
Twin independant zero-latency players - With all the standard controls you are familiar with including pitch control, play, stop, and individual gain controls for each deck.
Headphone function - Allows you to cue your next track up in your headphones. 
One click beat - Choose to manually perform the mixing function (BPM, track position) or use the one-click beat matching function. 
Beatlock engine - Your tracks will always stay in rhythum during your mix removing the constant adjustments needed during your live mix. 
Different cue points per track and Intelligent crossfader with various fade options 
On the fly automatic BPM calculation. 
Dynamic Beat Visualizer allows a quick and easy visual of the tracks beats, peaks and troughs, allowing you to select key elements during a mix. 
Virtual scratch - Use your mouse to influence and scratch the current track playing. 
Sampler Function - Allows you to pre-load 12 selected samples for use in real time. 
Karaoke Effect - With TV output and mic input 
Song database engine with easy-to-use search feature. 
Ready to burn file recording to burn your mix straight onto CD. 
Broadcast straight onto the internet

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